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26 September 09:00 - 12:00The Park!

Let's unlock collaboration!

During this co-creative session we will explore mindset and methodology together. You will leave the session with an updated set of tools on how you can lead teams & workshops in a more efficient, engaging and successful way! 

Why is this important?

We spend 1/3 of our life at work, and only 14%* of employees are engaged in their workplace in Sweden. That's a shame. To unlock all potential, we need to tap into each other’s energy and collaborate for real, using the qualities, competence and experience of each and every individual. But, collaboration can be tricky. 

There are methods & tools that can stop the unnecessary suffering in workplaces today. Unfortunately, those tools are not commonly known. We want to change that.  This exclusive 3 hour session is a part of that change. 

For who is it for?

Everyone who works with humans :) Everyone can take charge and apply this tools and methods, for better team work and relations. Maybe you work as a creative, team leader, project manager, manager or CEO. 

How will it be?

Fantastic! Align with your purpose, unleash your energy and focus on your core strength together with passionate and creative people. The experience will be facilitated by Anna Gullstrand, Åsa Norell (Silfverberg), Roger Sjögren or any of the experienced facilitators in the network. 

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If you bought your ticket through our Kickstarter Campaign you should have received a promo-code that you can use to unlock your ticket. You can choose to participate at this session, or the session at the 24th of October. If you haven't received your promo-code, e-mail Anna Gullstrand

Grab your ticket!

All you need to know

The session will be in central Stockholm the 26th of September 2018 between 9.00 - 12.00. Venue will be set depending on the amount of participants. If you can't make it this date, we will facilitate the same session the 24th of October. The ticket is not personal. Looking forward!

Grab your ticket!

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The Book of Collaboration

The Book of Collaboration is a global movement, funded by Anna Gullstrand, Åsa Silfverberg and Roger Sjögren, in Stockholm, October 2017. The movement wants to unleash the potential in teams & individuals, and by that creating a more sustainable world. The first project of the movement is a series of mini-books related to team development and leadership. The books are co-created together with a worldwide network, where over 500 persons are involved.

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